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Microcurrent Facial Massager Roller- Mini Facial Toning Device-Galvanic Face Lift Machine

Microcurrent Facial Massager Roller- Mini Facial Toning Device-Galvanic Face Lift Machine Item NO.: 6098986434742

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Product Name Microcurrent Facial Massager Roller- Mini Facial Toning Device-Galvanic Face Lift Machine
Item NO. 6098986434742
Weight 0.34 kg = 0.7496 lb = 11.9931 oz
Category Microcurrent Facial Toner
Brand 366
Creation Time 2020-11-24

  • Ideal facial massaging device to erase the trace of ages, such as dark circles, puffy eyes, furrow lines, eye wrinkles, and face wrinkles. Defend against skin aging problem. Greatly eliminating facial edema and relieve from fatigue. Effective for resolving sagging neck and face. A miraculous wrinkle reducer guards your youthfulness.
  • Facial massaging tool is an integrated contour skin toning system which activates face cell rejuvenation and improve your skin tone, but also enjoy SPA massage comfort experience. Serve as an aging skin corrector, fix problems of wrinkles removal and skin tightening. Safe for all skin
  • FDA registered galahome face massager accelerate absorption of your favorite Face Cream, Serum & Lotion, maximize precious essence to nourish skin, good for smoothing fine lines, fading scar and age spots. Promote all types of anti aging skin products to function in fastest time.
  • Targeting the root causes of skin aging, this massaging device spends less 75% time than current skin care routine. High efficiency and powerful functions offer 6 times better results, delivering good effect of facilitating blood circulation and encouraging collagen production when work this face lift tool.
  • No charging is needed, only a AAA battery motives this unit. Having sensing skin touch control on/off, unit has sleek design without any button. 9,000 per minute high frequency vibrating renews your skin's texture, tightens up the pores and fades wrinkle to rejuvenate youthful look. 30 days money back, worry free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.



So far so good! Two weeks and and my skin feels tight and smooth. I am 56 so I bought this as a birthday gift for myself. am excitd to see what this product has to offer. It is very expensive for what it is, plastic with an arc not much to it, just bing honest....I wish they would make things like this more afforable so everyone could enjoy and try for themself.Will update later when I have used it for a month or two. The picture above will be before and when I get back here I will post another pic!



Cuando compré este articulo tenia tantas dudas por la cantidad de gente que había compartido aquí mismo críticas de mal funcionamiento, falla de la batería, envío de productos que no parecían nuevos sino usados, en fin, estuve pensando mucho por todos estos comentarios pero puedo decir que a mi me llegó en perfectas condiciones y que funciona muy bien.



Not sure of the effect yet, but it's a nice product to use. Encourages me time .



I’ve only had this item for a while, but I love it. Skin seems more taught and looks healthier. I have very oily skin, so wrinkles are not much of a problem (yet), but my face definitely looks more youthful. It was ready to go right out of the box, and was easy to learn the proper way to use it. I’m not a big fan of the gel it comes with (I prefer my beauty cream), but it gets the job done. I’m looking forward to getting these pre-jowls under control.I like the product so much, I am considering getting the Fix as well!



Really like it and see a difference in my skin already after a few weeks.



Me encanto !! Solo llevo dos semanas usándolo y ya veo cambios en mi piel más firme !! Solo que si se tiene que ser constante



I'm really pleased - I use it on the highest setting together with conductive gel and I've really noticed a difference in 2 weeks!



A friend of mine told me about NUFace for Bell’s palsy. After researching that micro current therapy was FDA approved for Bell’s palsy since the 1980’s, I decided to purchase the NUFace mini and NUFace fix because it is more cost effective than purchasing the NUFace trinity with accessories .I purchased these more than a week after the onset of Bell’s palsy symptoms. I was on medications but I had seen no improvement on my face. Once I got my NUFace, I charged it for the recommended 12 hours before using. I watched YouTube videos and followed the directions it came with and used the device. I felt nothing - no pain or tingling and was unsure if it even worked. I wanted to feel something because I wanted so badly for my face to move again.Disappointed, I went on with the rest of my day. A few hours later, my husband started to see a little movement in my forehead when we were eating dinner! I was shocked and looked in the mirror to see for myself. It was true!I happily continued my treatment every day and each day I see improvement on the affected side of my face! After one week of use, my face is at about 85-90% improvement and I have no doubt it is because of the use of this machine!I will definitely continue to use this as part of my beauty regimen. If it works deep down for Bell’s palsy, I know it will do wonders for anti-aging and lifting! Thank you NUFace!



I was a little bit apprehensive at first buying this product as i didn't think it would work as well as a salon professional machine. But it has definitely exceeded my expectations. I have only used it once and I absolutely love it. I thought I would probably need to be used on a high level as it wouldn't be very strong. But it is... trust me. I started on level 2 which I felt comfortable with and i will work my way up to 5 once I get the hang of it. Word of advise... watch you tube vids on methods of how to use it. It gives you some real good ways of how to, so you get the best results from it. I love it so much. You won't be disappointed:)



This was perfect gift for her



So far it’s great! I’ve got younger skin and am only 3 weeks in but I definitely feel it’s lifted my skin and tightened it. Can’t wait to see it after a few months. I use it regularly and plan to continue it. I love that I can bring it anywhere and it’s nice and compact. I also feel it’s big enough for my smaller size face!



Amazing product really work it’s a little painful but worth it no filter photo still has the expensive gel it comes with



Llevo un mes usándolo. Veo poco resultado. Hay que esperar más tiempo, como dicen son dos meses.



NuFACE mini petite facial toning device is very nice,it also has hydrating leave-on gel primer. I bought it for my sister as a birthday gift , she very like it, she very like the color and it helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, also ultra-hydrating formula doubles as a water mask or a hydrating serum. very perfect for clients with sensitive skin. She very like it.



Like it so far but have not yet see any effect yet. I bought it because my friend told me it works very well for facial swelling. But I did not see same effect on my face. I keep it because it’s microcurrent tech for contouring and anti wrinkle.



I like how easy one can use this device. There is a bit of static feeling because if the micro current but the intensity is adjustable. I’ve already noticed a bit of improvement in the quality of my skin



My new face mini was an extravagance gift to myself a few years back. I've moved a few times because of hard times and it was packed away and just recently I found it in a box. I tried charging it and once it is fully charged, it doesn't do anything. It's completely dead. I've reached out to the company and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'd really like to start using this again but I really can't afford (especially during these trying times) to purchase a new one. I'm hoping the company comes through for me.



There are 5 levels. Just take your time with that as your skin gets used to it.



Easy to use and there is this tingling sensation. So need a thicker gel to avoid this sensation. I’m not disciplined enough to use and see the results



Great quality, canvas material was robust and thick